Hello World

2023  •  animation & letteringThis animation was created as a means to announce myself coming out to the world (well Instagram) as transgender. The top deadname uses Forma DJR (a typeface, which, for the record, I still love) while the bottom was hand lettered. The style was largely inspired by the amazing Chris Campe, one of my most favourite lettering artists and designers of all time. The animation was hackily made using CSS and Vivius.js.


2022  •  full-stack developmentFreezerdoor is a digital clone of the defunct Top Gear™ Cool Wall where they ranked cars based on coolness and placed them in one of four categories: Seriously Uncool, Uncool, Cool, or Subzero. Freezerdoor supports bickering with your mates bidirectional control. It can be used for remote cool wall sessions combined with a voice chat (trough Discord or otherwise). There is no authentication, so anyone with the server url(s) can create chaos. Images are stored as URLs to save on server costs.  •  play with the demo  •  view github


2021  •  illustrationAmsterdam has been photographed and illustrated to death, mostly for tourists; a spectacle to inspire fantasies rather than a sincere reflection of the stories of those that live there. This illustration is one which I hope serves locals, in which overtourism and its problems are the real spectacle. I was inspired by a short documentary about Ikea's famous Amsterdam photograph, Dutch illustrator/Comic Book artist Jooste Swarte, and French illustrator François Avril.

Urban Cats

2021  •  clothing designIn illustrating a typical Japanese scene, I tried to avoid the usual cliches in favour of an authentic everyday Japanese urban environment that hopefully manages to be anonymous to outsiders and deeply recognizable to Japanese persons. Google Streetview pins were semi-randomly dropped on Japanese settlements until I reached a scene which I felt had the appropiate qualities, as inspired by Nao Tatsumi's paintings. A purple outline was chosen because it has a natural "dark" luminosity and cool/neutral (colour) quality thanks to its proximity to blue which allows itself to not overpower its content, while simultaneously being vibrant and saturated. This technique was inspired by the game Omori.

Town of Cats

2020  •  book designTown of Cats is an unauthorized and single editioned collection of 13 short stories by Haruki Murakami. Each story has been previously published online, primarily in The New Yorker.

Cover illustration by Inagaki Tomoo.

Savages of a New Avant-Garde

2019  •  digital collageI tried to create my own novel—entailing everything from writing to design, illustration, and coding. Unfortunately, it turned into a monster—bloated; obese; horrifying; ugly; a being that was set out to consume me and supersize my ego with terrible writing and design-art. These decent collages are all that remain.

what if we designed novels?

2018  •  exhibitPlacing an exhibit on a tablet or desktop computer within a space drops engagement level like a concrete brick meeting the ocean. visitors tend to spend no more than 20 seconds per exhibit and hate being encumbered with technology that gets in their way. This became an immediate problem when presenting my digital-only grad project combined with my abysmal arts and crafts skills. To address this shortcoming, the project was simplified with the goal of addressing interaction bottlenecks and visitors potentially bailing early. The complex thesis was reduced to a single question, "What if we designed novels?" with the collage of book covers enticing visitors to hopefully come closer and interact with said exhibit. A UI was built with the web novel selection screen front and center with additional context hidden away by default.

The (not-so) Apple Mighty Mouse in the photo was quickly replaced with a more ergonomical one.

your trash

2018  •  posterThere is nothing more degrading in University than to receive high-school level assignment: a poster to promote environmentalism. I respected environmentalists, however, I found most of their posters and advertisement campaigns to be incredibly cheesy and/or boring with hypocrites behind the screens (yours truly included). In search of a fresh concept, I embarked in an analog adventure. I collected some trash from the nearby can, arranged them in a lightbox, drew some crappy lettering work, and photographed it with minimal Photoshop post-production. Most of the trash was mine to start with, and no, the plastic bits were not recycled as they should have. In other words, this poster should really have been called My Trash, and subtitled: "A Hypocrite Tells Other People to Recycle."

living in and out of tune

2017  •  posterWe were tasked to design a poster containing the entire lyrics of a song. I chose Vitamin C, by the German experimental rock band CAN. It was notably used in Paul Thomas Anderson's film Inherit Vice. Following its usage in the film and the greater context of the song itself, the style followed a contemporary tribute to the great psychedelic posters of the 1960s–1970s.

I reused a modified version of this poster for my Type Museum Exhibit.

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