2022  •  visual identity  •  This project is a satirical rebrand of the fictitious corporation Hooli, from the HBO sitcom and satirical TV-show Silicon Valley. In the show, it is run by a smart, but clueless, sociopathic CEO and the embodiment of the giant evil Silicon Valley corporation. Particularly, it brands Hooliverse, a metaverse much like Facebook’s effort. The goal was to show how design can transform clearly evil corporations to seem decent, and how, at best, a metaverse is just a worst version of the real world.  •  view styleguide
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Hooliverse is just like the real world, but worse. View the website.


Just like the real world, one's apparent bad deeds do not necessarily affect you given enough wealth. For extra authencity, the stupid American date format and shortform American state names (e.g CA, TX, etc) are used. Both of which make no sense outside the US.

Business Card

No matter what decade, Gavin Belson needs a physical business card.

brand book (selected spreads)

A flexible styleguide was built with an extended colorscheme for building UIs. View the full styleguide here.

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